Welcome to Journal Square – Flowers by Girlfriends

Here at The New Journal Square we’re always excited to have another business added to our district to help liven things up. Recently you may have noticed the new...

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Green Market 2017 Application

We’re officially open for the 2017 Green Market Season! JSQ Vending Basics – How do I apply? Complete the online application –...

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Journal Square Green Market 2017 Update

With the amount of snow our region has had in the past week I know that summer, farmers markets, warmth, sun, etc. seem like a world away. Well wipe those weary eyes,...

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The Old Journal Square (Photo)

This 1948 picture of a shuttle bus in the heart of Journal Square shows many of our current surroundings before they were developed. This shot shows the Southbound side...

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Top Fitness Centers in Journal Square (ChicpeaJC Post)

This post was originally featured on When it comes to health and fitness, everybody wants options. Whether it’s based on travel convenience or programs...

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