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Journal Scare 2: The Resurrection

Get your costume ready and join Jersey City Ties on Saturday, October 28 at PJ Ryan’s Squared for Journal Scare 2: The Resurrection … a Halloween party and...

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4th of July in Jersey City

For years New Jerseyans were biting off of NYC’s great tradition of Macy’s Fireworks on the 4th of July but no more! This year represents the 4th Annual...

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Green Market 2017 Application

We’re officially open for the 2017 Green Market Season! JSQ Vending Basics – How do I apply? Complete the online application –...

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Journal Square Green Market 2017 Update

With the amount of snow our region has had in the past week I know that summer, farmers markets, warmth, sun, etc. seem like a world away. Well wipe those weary eyes,...

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Green Market Gets Paid a Special Visit!

Anthony Cammarata Jr., Managing Director, Corporate Services and Real Estate at Goldman Sachs visited our market yesterday. Thanks to our community partners like...