Business Benefits

Journal Square is strategically situated in the heart of New Jersey’s second largest city and the nation’s second most densely populated county; it is also less than 4 miles away from the #1 ADI market area in the country, New York City.

A mixed-use environment, this prestigious site encompasses office buildings, a transportation center, an educational facility and an extensive retail community all within the primary trade area.

A major regional transportation hub places Journal Square minutes away from Manhattan and the recently renovated Jersey City waterfront. Journal Square is also very close to Newark International Airport and the Port of Newark, and offers excellent connections to the US highway system.

As a designated Urban Enterprises Zone (UEZ), Journal Square offers incentives to qualified businesses which include a waiver of the 7% New Jersey sales tax on business purchases and construction services; employee tax credits for each local resident hired; and a 50% retail sales tax reduction.

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