Tons of New Businesses Coming to Journal Square!

There many new business that opened up in Journal Square just this summer, and just as the summer is starting to walk out the door to bring in fall check out these businesses. The new businesses include City Cafe & Bakery, JB’s Bake Shop, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Flatbread Grill, Ling Long Xuan Chinese Restaurant, and a Crossfit Gym.

These business reach the sweet tooth and craving of any person with all sorts of options ranging from vegetarian, vegan, and international food choices. The Crossfit Gym will get those who are looking for that hardcore workout with trainers and regimens.

The new Flatbread Grill and City Cafe have been starting their business off with a blast with great reviews and even better service. They have both become destinations to grab a bite to fuel any person for the rest of the day. Supporting local small businesses around the Journal Square is a way to make one feel good about themself and spreading the word about a new business. JB’s Bake Shop will be the local business that will satisfy the sweet tooth and make you feel good.

Read more on the businesses and others by clicking the picture or the links below -Crossfit – Chipotle – Flatbread Grill – City Cafe & Bakery – Banana King