Artist painting utility boxes in journal square as part of public art program in jersey city

Beautiful Utility Box Artwork

You may have noticed some new artwork throughout Journal Square. Over the weekend, thanks to Brooke Hansson and Meenakshi Dash at Department of Public Works and The New JSQ Community Association, a few of the utility boxes have been revamped with a whole new look. This project is a perfect representation of the public/private partnership that takes place between community organizations, special improvement districts and municipalities like Jersey City every day to make our communities a better place.

Public art projects such as this one add to Jersey City’s world-renowned commitment to public arts programs and street level beautification. Painting utility boxes and even murals serve as a deterrent to graffiti, posters, and other nuisances that can make an area feel like it’s not maintained very well. Adding a splash of paint has been seen throughout the country as a way to get people to respect public property and to even spark a new interest in their community.