More New Developments in Journal Square!

Our post a few weeks ago discussed a myriad of new developments in Journal Square. A lot of those projects were pretty large in scope so this week we’re going to shift focus slightly and put the spotlight on some smaller, but equally important, projects that have popped up around Journal Square in the last few years.

850 Newark Avenue – 12 Condo Units, 4.5 Stories, Retail/Office Opportunity

850 Newark Avenue

This mixed use property located on Newark Ave right by Tonnelle Ave now has 11 condos under contract with people prepping to move in! Don’t fret, there is still a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom penthouse that is available for lease. The Iyla Condominiums are gorgeous on the inside and although they’ve been snatched up, there is an amazing retail opportunity on the ground floor. The retail space is a commercial condo where for $600k you can purchase the space to operate your restaurant, office or business. The commercial space is 2,393 square feet and is currently available. To learn more about leasing the penthouse or commercial space reach out to:

Lea Governale
Weichert Realty
(917) 903-4936

2800 Kennedy Boulevard – 2 Stories, Retail/Office Opportunity

The former site of a cosmetology school, this building at the extremely busy intersection of Sip Avenue, Tonnelle Avenue, and Kennedy Boulevard is now open for leasing. While this building is not being redeveloped per se, it represents a vital opportunity for an entrepreneur to come in and contribute their great services and push our neighborhood forward. The space on the retail level is about 3,500 sq ft,

Interested in seeing this property?
Paper City Real Estate Group
Gardner Rivera, MSRED

880 Bergen Avenue – 55 Units, 8 Stories – Residential Conversion

880 Bergen Avenue

Located right on the corner of Academy Street and Bergen Avenue, this familiar landmark within the original Dutch settlement of Bergen, is currently undergoing the transformation to a residential building. With 55 units, this building will be a perfect addition to the project going on right next door by Hudson County Community College.

257-263 Academy Street – Hudson County Community College STEM Building

Academy Street HCCC

You’ve probably seen the cranes in the sky for the past year or so at this project site tucked behind the aforementioned 880 Bergen Avenue. Hudson County Community College is creating a new and improved STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program building. The building is one of the newest of the many different sites that Hudson County Community College has developed in Journal Square in the last decade. As of a year ago, this project was the biggest STEM project in the county.

500 Summit Avenue – 800 Units Possible

500 Summit Avenue

500 Summit has sat and operated as a parking lot for some time now. The site was recently purchased by HAP Investments for $26.5M, this site is set to be developed with 800 units and 30,000 feet of retail once completed. The site was recently closed but we have yet to see any rumblings of the initial phases of construction from the street.

3075 Kennedy Boulevard – Caprice Suites – 6 stories, 83 Units

3075 Kennedy Boulevard

Looking for a full suite for a long(er) stay in Journal Square? Look no further than the Caprice Suites at 3075 Kennedy Boulevard. Rooms can be booked on a number of different sites and this building is perfect for families looking to shave a few bucks off of their stay in Jersey City. Located practically on top of Route 139 and a 10 minute walk from the PATH station, this spot is ideal for visitors to our neighborhood.

789 Newark Avenue – Haiban Inn – Hotel in the Heart of India Square

The Haiban Inn is tucked away on Newark Ave and may blend in to the casual passersby. If you know Journal Square or even Jersey City, then you know Newark Avenue and the amazing surroundings that pluck you out of New Jersey and drop you in the heart of Indian and Asian culture. The Haiban Inn is a perfect location for people visiting family, touring Jersey City or New York, or even just catching some rest in between travels. Located just steps away from the PATH station, the Haiban Inn serves as the perfect submersion in the great atmosphere of Newark Ave, as well as the flexibility to travel easily by rail and bus throughout the region.

789 Newark Avenue
(201) 685-7770

Harwood Properties – Arts District behind the Loew’s Theater

Square Ramp / Harwoods

The Harwoods, as a family, have been influential and devoted to Journal Square for nearly 100 years. In 1997 the Harwood family purchased the former site of the State Theater and created the first new residential development in Journal Square in more than 50 years. The Harwood family still owns and operates a few parking decks and garages in and around Journal Square and Jersey City.

Continuing their family’s history of being firm believers in the success and future of Journal Square, they are sitting at the heart of a discussion about creating a new Arts District along the PATH tracks, behind the Loew’s Theater. While no current plans have been solidified, the zoning has been approved that creates these opportunities.

Developments are never certain until there’s a shovel in the ground but it seems that Journal Square is slowly, but surely, seeing the investment that it needs to revamp the amenities in the area. With the capacity to be the commercial center of Jersey City, Journal Square is perfectly seated to be a place for all with a growth in amazing things to do. Stay tuned for more updates and remain excited for the new possibilities for our community.

Written by: Steve Hillyer, JSRC Program Manager
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