Development Round Up

Been around the Square recently? You may have noticed some changes recently to our area and maybe you’ve heard whispers of the development planned for the area. While 2016 is almost over, Journal Square is just getting started, today we’ll be rounding up most of these new developments and sharing what we know.

Journal Squared – 1,838 Units – 3 Buildings – 53, 63, 71 Stories

Journal Squared

As the first major development in Journal Square, Journal Squared sticks out like a sore thumb but that won’t be for long. The building on site is reported to almost be complete and to be expected to start leasing in February. The building that is up now is the first of three total that will be on the site and at 53 stories it is the smallest. The two other towers will be 63  and 71 stories respectively. The first tower is set to open with 538 units in the next few months.

1JS – One Journal Square – 1,725 Units – 2 Buildings – 46, 79 Stories

1 Journal Square

As our last post mentioned, the plaza near the 1 JS site will be closing soon to make way for construction related activities. This property has sat vacant and changed hands a few times in the last decade. Along with the new push of development in Journal Square, this will be one of the larger projects in the area. With two towers, ground level retail, a revised open public plaza and some office space, the  1 Journal Square project will fit nicely with its counterpart around the corner.

30 Journal Square – 741 Units – 1 Building – 72 Stories

30 Journal Square

From the same developers as 1 Journal Square, this project is set to begin after 1 Journal Square is completed. The 72 story tower was unveiled to residents in the fall and will have a redesigned public plaza. This building is unique because of its positioning on the site, behind current buildings, and incorporating the façade of the Journal Square famous “Jersey Journal” Building and sign.

61 Newkirk – 29 Units – 1 Building – 6 Stories

61 Newkirk

Another low-rise development that looks to be six stories will be accompanying the other developments on Newkirk once construction commences in the next few months. There’s not too much info on this project yet so stay tuned.

87 Newkirk – 113 Units – 1 Building – 15 Stories

87 Newkirk

The idea of work/life balance seems it will be blended in 87 Newkirk with their 113 “Micro” units that will house some people who will also work on the 2 floors of coworking space. There will be retail included on the ground floor and while the fully furnished apartments are small, the idea is to create this hub where people can live, work, and play all in the same location.

Journal Square Lofts – 40 Units

Journal Square Lofts

Known as the Journal Square Lofts, 2853 Kennedy Boulevard, the developer has renovated an existing building including removing the façade above Tobin, Danice, and City Brow. The entrance to the residential units will be on Magnolia Avenue, not too much other information is available now but this project will take some time to be completed.

3 Journal Square – 240 Units – 1 Building – 13 Stories

3 Journal Square

This building has been under development for some time now and while it’s not as far along as Journal Squared, it is set to be completed and renting in the next few months. There will be retail on the ground level and it’s a perfect location for commuters being just a stone’s throw away from the PATH station.

PATH Station

A few months ago we brought you an inside look days after the opening of PJ Ryan’s Squared and since then the Port Authority has announced a Starbucks will be joining them on the plaza level. There has also been the Freedom Newsstand that has been under construction for a few months and some recent renovations to Deli Plus that should be completed in the next couple of weeks.