Business Spotlight – Wireless Bug, 60 Sip Ave

A given is that small business owners should care about the community they invest in and choose to locate their business in. Few are as dedicated to their community as Mina, owner of Wireless Bug at 60 Sip Ave. Mina is not only a resident of Jersey City, but has lived in the Sip Avenue area for over 20 years!

After working as a District Sales Manager for Verizon, Mina decided to leave the corporate world and start out on his own 14 months ago. He saw first hand that the repair business for mobile devices was growing and thought that the perfect place would be his neighborhood in Journal Square.

With the many developments coming shortly to Journal Square, Mina thought it was best to get a foothold in the community before these fluctuations happen, and to build his customer base before all these new changes come in. He’s very excited for all the developments slated for the area and thinks that it will be great for the community and business. Journal Square has the right amount of foot traffic and potential for his business.

Mina believes in providing his customers the best service possible and that if you treat people right, the word of mouth will keep them coming back and referring their friends and families.

Wireless Bug handles all sorts of repairs:

  • Screen replacement
  • Water Damage
  • Battery replacement
  • Laptop repairs

They handle every type of phone and computer possible with wait times for many repairs as short as 30 minutes. Wireless Bug also sells phones, activates lines, offers prepaid services, for T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Metro PCS, and others. They sell SD cards, phone cases, sim cards, chargers, basically any phone accessory you could ever need or want.

Wireless Bug
60 Sip Avenue
(201) 687-1516
Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm