Journal square pub, joe barone, behind the bar

Business Spotlight: Journal Square Pub, 50 Journal Square

Have you ever met a man who has successfully hunted a man-eating tiger? Being from one of the most urban areas of the country makes the number of people who would answer yes to that question exceedingly small. I am now a part of that small group.
Today we meed Joseph Barone, Owner of the Journal Square Pub. He has been in business in Journal Square for the past 36 years, fought in World War II, and yes, has successfully hunted a man-eating tiger while fighting overseas. Joe is a quiet gentleman who goes to his Bar/Restaurant every day because at 91 his secret has been staying active as much as possible.
Joe is no stranger to entrepreneurship, in the years since WWII he has owned, real estate, a realty office, a meat packing company, a vending route, and 5+ bars/restaurants. About 30 years ago he sold it all or transferred it over to his sons and focused on Journal Square. He says that he likes Journal Square because it is quiet and diverse, serving as a great example of how people should get along with one another.
Joe was first introduced to Jersey City when a friend introduced him to Louis “Red” Deutsch, Owner of the then Tube Bar which Joe purchased and opened a new bar before moving to their current location. The Tube Bar is famous from the prank phone¬†calls that was recreated on The Simpsons years later. He was a fascinating man to speak to and if you have a chance grab a beer and ask to see that Tiger photo.
The Journal Square Pub
50 Journal Square
(201) 216-9632