Morsella & Cupo: Great Sandwiches in Journal Square

Morsella & Cupo: Great Sandwiches in Journal Square

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It’s no secret that Jersey City has some awesome delis around. Proof is here and here and now, here.

UPDATE: Less than a month after this posting, I received a comment (see below) that Morsello and Cupo was being reported as closed. I’ve tried contacting the previous owners several times but haven’t been successful in reaching them. I can confirm it is closed but I’m hoping they’ll reopen in time somewhere else . If anyone has any further information, please let me know.

Morsella & Cupo near Journal Square is relatively small, more of a take-out counter than anything else, but they have more than enough delicious food to make sure you leave happy. The focus is on sandwiches but they do offer hot entrees with a schedule of specials every day, including this chicken bruschetta ($8) every Tuesday and Thursday.

Morsella & Cupo: Great Sandwiches in Journal SquareThe chicken cutlets were quite thick and cut into diagonal pieces with the roughly chopped tomato, onion, basil and parmesan bruschetta mixture layered heavily throughout the sandwich. Make no mistake, this was huge and very filling. It was also delicious. The bruschetta was fresh, juicy deliciousness and with the seasoned chicken and the acidic tang of the balsamic and tomatoes, the sandwich was hearty and refreshing. Apparently, I made a huge mistake by not ordering it with the mozzarella. While I don’t doubt that adding it in would be amazing, I personally feel like this sandwich was a complete package all on its own so I don’t really feel like I missed out….although I will probably try it that way next time.  The chicken bruschetta can also be ordered as a platter which could make for nice, possibly slightly lighter change.

I also got a chance to try the prosciutto sandwich (this one with mozzarella) and balsamic ($7). The prosciutto was tender and delicately sweet but with plenty of salty flavor. The mozz added a nice creamy balance and the balsamic vinegar brought the entire thing together while cutting through some of the richness. I also got it with tomatoes but ended up taking them off and eating them separately – they were sort of distracting. I would have loved to have seen this with a bit of arugula just to add a little textural and flavor variety, but being able to enjoy the pure, intensely rich flavors of the prosciutto and mozzarella was pretty great.

All in All:
Morsella & Cupo, 576 Summit Ave by Cottage Street,  is a classic neighborhood deli with plenty to offer and pretty reasonably priced. Service was a bit gruff, but certainly not unfriendly and the long lines out the door every day around lunch time prove they’re doing something (many things) right. The portions are huge, everything is fresh, and the sandwiches are worth waiting for.