Microtech Computers

Business Spotlight: Microtech Computers, 2810 JFK

Kids of this generation don’t know how it was back in the day. VCR start burning through tapes? Color go on your new rear projection TV? Have a breakdown with your...

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Magic Sneaker, journal square, jersey city, jsq, the new jsq, the new journal square

Business Spotlight: Magic Sneaker, 2831 JFK

Sneakers, they’re just something you have to put on your feet to get around for some people… For others they are a lifestyle, the anchor to their Friday...

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Jersey City, jersey city asian merchant association, india square, india hub, the hub, JC, JSQ

Congratulations JCAMA!

Today the volunteers of the Jersey City Asian Merchant Association (JCAMA) were honored with the New Jersey State Governor’s Jefferson Award for Public Service!...

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Subway, eat fresh, journal square, jersey city, jfk blvd, the boulevard, kennedy boulevard, healthy

Business Spotlight: Subway, 2866 JFK Blvd

While fast food restaurants are sprinkled around the globe, franchisees are able to put their own spin on how they work within a community. Today we meet Chetan Pandya,...

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My Pretzel, Jersey city, journal square, journal square restoration corporation, jersey city, redevelopment

Business Spotlight: My Pretzel, 64 Sip Ave

Pretzels for many invoke memories of sport events, maybe they served them at your school cafeteria, or maybe now as an adult they’re your favorite go-to beer...

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